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Mardi 13 décembre 2022

Prochain séminaire du GAINS

Prochain séminaire du GAINS

Le prochain séminaire du GAINS a lieu le 13 décembre 2022 de 10h30 à 12h00 dans l'amphi de l'IRA.


Axelle FERRIERE (PSE & CNRS) présentera un papier intitulé "On the Optimal Design of Transfers and Income-Tax Progressivity" co-écrit avec P. GRÜBENER (Goethe University), G. NAVARRO (Federal Reserve Board) et O. VARDISHVILI (UC Irvine).



Abstract: We study the optimal design of means-tested transfers and progressive income taxes. In a simple analytical model, we show that adding a transfer to a log-linear tax induces welfare gains almost as large as in the second-best allocation. Transfers allow for more progressive average than marginal tax-and-transfer rates, achieving redistribution while preserving efficiency. In a rich dynamic model, we quantify the optimal fiscal plan. We use new flexible functions featuring targeted transfers and progressive income taxes, delivering a good empirical fit across the income distribution. Transfers should be larger than currently in the U.S. and financed with moderate income-tax progressivity.

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