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Mardi 23 mai 2023

Prochain séminaire du GAINS

Prochain séminaire du GAINS

Le prochain séminaire du GAINS a lieu le 23 mai 2023 de 10h30 à 12h00 en salle T204. 


Aymeric ORTMANS (Université Paris-Saclay) présentera un papier intitulé The Risk of Inflation Dispersion in the Euro Area co-écrit avec Stéphane LHUISSIER (Banque de France) et Fabien TRIPIER (Université Paris Dauphine).


Abstract:  We document the time-varying divergence of predictive inflation distributions across euro area countries and explore their macroeconomic origins. While the dispersion of inflation rates mainly concerns upside inflation risks during the first decade of the euro area, it shifted to downside inflation risks during the second decade. The dispersion of downside and upside risks to inflation reaches record levels in the wake of the COVID crisis. The main determinant of the dispersion at the bottom of the distribution is the development of financial stress. In the wake of the COVID crisis, value chain pressures drove the dispersion of upside inflation risks. Overall, the dispersion of inflation rates is largely caused by heterogeneous Phillips curves between countries rather than by different national economic contexts.



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